Happy Earth Day!


We totally approve of Earth Day!

We’re all about peace, love, and earth. I guess you could say we completely support hippie beliefs–as long as you bathe and embrace all that good hygiene stuff. In celebration of Earth Day, we thought we’d share a pic of one of our favorite places ever, Lake George!


Today we not only commemorate a movement, but acknowledge that the fate of our beautiful planet earth rests in our hands. On a much smaller scale (other than the fact that we are encouraging global warming by not preserving, polluting and not recycling), think of it like this: Who wants to go to the beach, catch some rays and uhm…swim in some garbage? Not me. That’s for sure. Do us a favor; as you drive today, take a moment to look out your window and notice the garbage on the side of the road. No one wants to see that. We should aspire to see green grass, trees and blooming flowers–not your McDonalds bag from last year!

It’s time to do your part. By simply changing your habits, you–yes YOU–could greatly impact the world. Who knows, showing Mother Nature a little extra love could cause a chain reaction!

For our die-hard tree-huggers out there, check out all the ways to get involved by visiting http://www.earthday.org.

Peace our fellow flower-children, and Happy Earth Day!

xoxo Ker & Dee