Four Things To Do This Weekend That Don’t Involve A Hangover


Don’t you want to wake up feeling refreshed? Wouldn’t you rather have the whole day ahead of you instead of sleeping the day away? Us too! Don’t get us wrong we love a good party! But we’ve also realized there are plenty of other fun and productive things to do on the weekends that leave you feeling good about yourself too.

  1. Dinner & Drinks
    Instead of going out and waking up feeling like you might have been run over, grab a few drinks and dinner with your friends. Dinner allows you to talk and truly be with the people you care about. Oh and PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN. Most of the time when we’re out at a bar we can barely hear each other speak. So we like to switch it up with dinner and drinks every now and then. And when we say drinks we usually mean wine, but we’ll leave that decision up to you. All in all, you’re eating as you drink so you’re less likely to be throwing em back like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t worry you’ll still feel a buzz but in the morning you’ll be ready to roll.
  2. Try a new work out
    Working out may be the latest trend, and we’re all about it. There are tons of eye catching or should we say breath taking (literally) new work out classes to take advantage of. Orangetheory Fitness and Pure Barre are two we have had personal experiences with. Orange Theory offers high intensity classes that strive to get your heart rate up. You wear a heart rate monitor and have a trainer for each class who guides the work out and you are e-mailed you’re results after class. Pure Barre is geared toward the ladies. If you want to relax and tone at the same time this is for you. We recommend you wear comfy clothes and socks that can grip the floor (they sell them at the store and they are adorable). This is all about using a ballet bar as well as learning how to use your muscles. It’s all about being one with your mind and body. Bringing a friend along can be a great bonding experience plus it’s great motivation to work out when you have set plans.
  1. Coffee Date
    We LOVE coffee. Grabbing coffee with friends has always been a great time for us. Throughout college “dunkin runs” were a big deal. However now that we’re home and shall we say sophisticated? ….we’re into exploring. Explore your town for that cute and unique, local coffee shop to make “your spot”. Now that fall and winter are here, a coffee date can be a cozy and casual afternoon. If you’re a Long Island local there’s no question you’ve heard of Witches Brew. This dim-lit hot spot is covered with Christmas lights and funky décor. There is usually a line around the corner but if you time it right their frozen hot chocolate is a MUST.
  2. Kick back and Relax
    Set the mood. Light a candle…. or five and throw your favorite movie on. This is perfect for Sunday when you want to wind down and mentally prepare yourself for the coming week. We know how stressful and crazy life can be, but we also know how important it is for your mind and soul to relax. So in the words of Dina Manzo “Namaste Bitches”.

At Pure Barre