Best and Worst of 2014 Met Gala


As all of you fashionistas know, the other night was the 2014 Met Gala/Ball – whatever you’d like to call it. It was a night for celebs to strut their stuff while taking far out fashion risks. Basically the rules are be funky, and show off your style. Ultimately, it’s just a great opportunity for all of us to decide what was acceptable and what wasn’t. We definitely saw some looks that were funky and risky last night and we loved that! But we feel if you’re gonna go all out, you have to make sure you’re able to pull it off. We wanted to highlight which glam dolls we thought were twenties approved, and which stars didn’t impress us at this year’s Gala.

Let’s start with the best:

Photo from @POPSUGAR

Photo from @POPSUGAR

1. Blake Lively
There’s really not much more to say, when doesn’t she look fabulous? Hair, dress, makeup and all. She looked so elegant and adorable standing next to her hubby, Ryan Reynolds! Well done Blake, you’re definitely Twenties Approved, as usual!

Photo from @harpersbazaarus

Photo from @harpersbazaarus

2. Victoria Beckham
While we were a little disappointed she didn’t throw on a “little black Gucci dress”, there’s no denying that she looks ah-mazing! Dressed in her namesake brand, Victoria pulled off the sleek look by pairing it with white heels and simple – but glamorous – diamond accessories. She looked so perfect we almost didn’t notice that David Beckham was standing at her side…WE SAID ALMOST!

Photo from

Photo from

3. Emma Stone
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star totally rocked the two-piece crop top and skirt look. It wasn’t too revealing and we loved the pink on pink. Obviously we love the look of the effortless but chic braid; it was flawless. Side note: We do also have a braid and fishtail obsession!

Enough complimenting; it’s time for the fun stuff. We’ll be nice and refrain from calling them the worst looks, so we’ll just say which were the most interesting:

Photo from @TheInsider

Photo from @TheInsider

1. Lupita Nyong’o
Ok, so we know its Prada and it’s all high fashion and everything. But it’s called the MET Gala, not the NET Gala. Come on. As if the feathered and jeweled creation really wasn’t enough, the green headband and bag along with the purple hair just really killed it. Sorry Lupita, this one was a miss. Don’t worry, we’re sure you’ll stun us again soon!

Photo from @TheFoxyJurist

Photo from @TheFoxyJurist

2. Katie Holmes
What happened girlfriend?! Forget the dress itself, and the fact that it wasn’t flattering whatsoever, but the color. Why? Maybe it’s because we’re constantly hungry, but we think wearing that yellow on a red carpet only makes us think of one thing…McDonald’s.

Photo from @Zap2it

Photo from @Zap2it

3. Kristen Stewart
UGH. The queen of resting bitch face. The detail on the Chanel dress is amazing, we’ll give her that. However, the overall look just did not come together with that copper-colored hair swept to one side and the mix of feathers on the dress.


P.S. Don’t you wish you were in this selfie of lady bosses?
Because we seriously do.


Lets Tone It Up This Thursday


Welcome to the mermaid life ladies.

Once you read this post you’ll be hooked. And if that doesn’t do it surf their site yourself. !

Who are we talking about? Well if you haven’t heard of them yet, they’re the power bestie duo Karena and Katrina. You may have seen these beach babes on their show “TonedUp” on Bravo or maybe you’ve heard of them for their awesome brand Tone It Up. These ladies do it all; workout videos, lifestyle advice and healthy recipes.

We know what you’re thinking. Why would you want these perfect, mermaid like, beach babes telling you how to work out. Shush! Dont make a judgement just yet–it’s not like that at all! We’re totally obsessed with them and everything they stand for.

Karena and Katrina are best friends, (just like us) who have a passion for living life healthy and happy. Nutrition and fitness have changed their lives and now they’re inspiring women all over the country to do the same. And it’s working! Tone It Up isn’t just working out, it’s a lifestyle and community they have created. Women can share their stories and inspire each other everyday through all of Tone It Up’s social media platforms. And the best part is they’re about being healthy, so none of that dieting where you can barely eat or something and just can’t even take it. Because we like to eat, and do things the right way.

Their awesome app gives you a weekly schedule of workouts and allows you to surf their products, lifestyle posts and more. Oh and of course their Beach Babe Workout DVD. Trust us, listen to these girls they’re completely down to Earth and really passionate about what they do. Besides that, they wear the coolest bathing suits by Maaji Swimwear.

Just look at them: total mermaids. And we love mermaids, well we are mermaids.

Summer is coming, and we’re thinking these besties have it right. Beach life is where we wanna be. Let us know what you think!

Start dreaming of the beach mermaids, and tone it up for that happy and healthy life!

xoxo Ker & Dee

#DrakeforKen & #DrakeforUs


We may be a little late on this post, but we HAD to share our excitement for our number one man.

If you haven’t heard already, World’s sweetest rapper Drake visited a fifteen-year-old girl in Houston who’s classmates wanted to make all her dreams come true. Kennedy Brown had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to leave school, so her classmates decided to create “High School in a day” where they crowned her prom queen and she received her high school diploma. What more could they want for their friend, well Drake of course!

The media was all over the story and the kids were smart enough to take advantage of that. They asked the media, which then asked everyone who watched the news story to tweet at rapper Drake and hashtag “DrakeforKen” in hopes to grab his attention. And it totally worked! Drake made a personal phone call to Ken’s father and told the family that he was making a special trip to Houston.

And there’s pictures to prove it! Drake instagramed all day with the family and Ken. Not to mention they’re the sweetest, most precious pictures you’ll ever see!

Now all of this is not only making a little girl’s dream come true but also spreading great publicity for drake. He continued to use #DrakeforKen on all of his instas. We like to believe the star enjoyed his visit just as much as Ken did. (I mean seriously those pictures can’t lie-look at those smiles)

Whatever way anyone wants to see it, we’re in full support of you Drizzy ❤

Blonde Besties on a Mission!


Hofstra Seniors 201

Hey there! This is our first official blog post so we thought we’d introduce ourselves. We are Kerry and Dana from Long Island, New York and we have been best friends for 8 years. We met when we were freshmen in high school and have been inseparable ever since. We went off to two different colleges, Marist and Hofstra, but we remained closer than ever. Coincidentally, we both decided to major in public relations. Hence the idea for this blog.

Although we are best friends we are not the same person, there are definitely some differences in our style, but we totally rock it. The theme of this blog is to explore our feelings on what’s “in” right now or to share our latest obsessions. We’re passionate about a number of things and couldn’t imagine focusing on just one. From music to hair to fashion, you’ll see it all on this blog. It’s an exciting time in our lives right now as we finish our senior year of college and have to start thinking about the real world—but not just yet. We have always dreamed of working together, so here it goes!

We are so excited about starting this blog and we hope you enjoy it!

Stay tuned to explore with us as our blog develops and our obsessions change and grow with us.

xoxo K & D