Betches Love Fall


It’s officially here. Pumpkin spice everything season!
AKA a common/basic girl’s dream. AKA Fall. And betches looove Fall.


1. DO Pumpkin Errrthang
Pumpkin spice lattes (PSL), pumpkin ale, pumpkin picking, carving, etc. Pumpkins are a staple of the season and we recommend taking full advantage of it. If you’re not into pumpkins, the only other acceptable replacements are apples, but both are tasty and are perfect in baking traditional spiced treats.

2. DO Plan Activities 
Apple or pumpkin picking are perfect for a cute day-date, a get together with friends or a day of laid back family fun. We’re firm in our belief that you’re NEVER too old for these activities and you should make a whole day of it. For us, living on Long Island means driving out east to stop at a few farms where we can pick our pumpkins and taste some delicious baked goodies or roasted sweet corn dripping in butter. We might even take it up a notch and cruise through the North Fork for a pit stop at a winery/vineyard! ;).

3. DO Dress for Success
Sweaters, scarves, boots. We LOVE Fall Fashion. How do we incorporate our favorite Fall pieces to work, you ask? Layering is key, whether dressing for the workplace or just keeping it casual. Don’t be afraid to layer cute sweaters with flannels, with denim — with really anything. If you’re going to work, you can mix and match flannels and sweaters with leather pencil skirts and boots. And don’t forget those leg warmers!

4. DO Halloween 
Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like….We’re sure you can finish that quote. “I’m a mouse, Duh!”  But real talk, be original. If you’re still in college, you’re probably going out at least 3 consecutive nights, so don’t be afraid to vary your costumes and get creative! We think scary can be hot too (reference HBO Girls where Lena tries to look “scarily hot slash amazing.”)

HBO Girls

HBO Girls

But if you’re out in the real world like us, it’s officially time to go big or go home! Yes, Halloween can be stressful (Kerry will attest to that, she often considers staying in and giving out candy which sounds pretty good with a Pumpkin Ale..), but if you’re going out for the night, try something completely different — like the party in NYC where they paint your face!

Now, here’s a few Don’ts

1. DON’T go Instagram Crazy
Believe us when we say that we LOVE social media, especially Instagram. But there are abusers out there. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll be the first to shout “YOLO” and tell you not to care about what anyone else thinks about what you post (haters are our motivators!). We get it…you went pumpkin picking and you looked totally cute in that flannel, so obviously you’re going to post it and make all your followers jeal. But when I can tell you your every move that day, you might have overdone it just a little. Besides, lets try to enjoy living in the moment and who we’re with! 🙂 Since everyone believes our generation is incapable of doing so, prove ’em wrong!

2. DON’T overdo Halloween
You do not have to go out every single day. There is no rule about it. None. And FOMO shouldn’t exist quite the way it did in college, so you’ll be just fine.

3. DON’T Wimp Out On Baking
Believe in yourself! This is prime time for baking. There are plenty of ripe pumpkins and apples at your fingertips. Look up a mouth watering recipe on Pinterest, or better yet, spend time with a family member that can pass one along. It’s fun to try something new, even if you do mess up (which we always do!). But fingers crossed that you don’t because those apple crisps are absolutely delicious!

4. DON’T Forget About Football!
Ladies, even if you don’t understand football, it can be fun. Whether you’re attending an NFL game, a college game or a high school game, get into the spirit and tailgate! Besides, it’s an excuse to create a cute outfit with a jersey or throw an effortless get-together with friends at your place to watch the game. So pick a team or a player, and cheer them on!